What is Affiliate Program and Affiliate Marketing Networks India ?

What is affiliate marketing and program?

The very basic thing that one needs to look for, when the term ‘affiliate marketing’ strikes up; is what exactly it means and how it functions. So, understanding the affiliate marketing and program systems, we have deduced this- It is a system by which the online retailers and business people pay commission to the mediators. The mediator here is an external website that helps in the marketing and sales of that particular online store/retailer or business.

it all works on the e-commerce, obviously. For example there is a business hub that brings forth many different affiliate businesses together. The main hub then pays a certain part as the commission to these affiliate businesses as a part of their entire hub, or for coming together. This is just a skeleton of the entire structure.

How is advertising different from affiliate marketing?

Advertising does not include the mediator. The mediator only helps in gaining the company the audience and the customers, where in affiliate marketing actually involves the mediator. Like the Amazon, as an example, it pays a part of its sales and profit to the smaller business from where the products have taken their origin; as commission. This is affiliate marketing. Advertising is very different from the marketing, in terms of involvement and in terms of the commission parts as well.

The affiliate marketing networks in India are taken a rise in the recent years, as everything is finding its new home on the e-commerce and obviously, every business needs to have an online portal as well. When considering both marketing and advertising, as two different terms and not synonyms of each other; it is important that you take the time to address and differentiate both aspects of selling your product comprehensively. Researching the marketplace can be done comprehensively, but if the marketing doesn’t take place the target audience will never know about your products or services. Conversely, a brilliant marketing can be launched, but if it targets the marketplace inappropriately your products or services may not sell. Looking at both marketing and advertising and linking the marketplace research to your marketing will ensure your work effectively drives the sales your business needs to succeed.

Here are some of the top affiliate marketing networks in India-

1. Flipkart affiliate program- You can earn up to 15% percentage each time customer clicks of the mouse that advertising or link and makes some purchase, as commission.

2. MakeMyTrip: So, if you’re operating a travel blog or a journal on the e-commerce, it will be must be a part of affiliate program for you. You can generate 3-5% on household flights.

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