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We are affiliate digital marketing institution deliver professional, affordable and transparent digital marketing services to our clients. We provide perfection with huge possibilities or passion. We use different digital marketing techniques or strategies such as mobile marketing, e-mail marketing, campaign analysis, and more. Hundreds of publisher and advertiser are connected with us and experiencing our world-class marketing services. We deliver some extra ordinary, cost effective, high performance, marketing solution, user-friendly services.
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Android Apps Installation | Iphone Apps Installation | Mobile Branding | Mobile CPC | CPV | CPS | CPT | CPR.

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Campaign Analysis

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Email Marketing

E-Mail Panel | Promotional Mailers | Transactional Mailers | Third Party Mailers etc.

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Affiliate Marketing

CPC | CPV | CPA | CPR | CPI | CPM | CPS | CPO Campaigns.

We can help you acquire new users.
We are fastest growing digital marketing solution institution/organization includes a professional team of highly motivated, dedicated, and experienced officials. Affligent can help you to reflect great personality about your product, brand or business. We can deliver extra beneficial growth with different marketing tool or implement different business ideas. Our employees are highly dedicated having marketing creativity helps you to set your business and achieve top rank in an industry.

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With us, you can experience digital transformation, case study, market demand about a business brand. We use the latest technology, greater business marketing strategy, and use a different digital platform to improve your business awareness and implements new creative marketing ideas to enhance digital marketing experience. You can experience thousands of satisfied customers, thousands of successful projects, and guaranteed results with us.
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Affligent Rewards provides your users the opportunity to receive rewards while engaging with their favorite brands.

Affligent is a digital marketing company offering most comprehensive arrays of services. to business across industries. We deliver profitable growth for online businesses. We are backed with a team of highly dedicated, motivated and experienced professional, for which Opicle has earned a reputation of delivering quality.

Affligent is backed with a team of highly dedicated, motivated and experienced professional. Which Affligent has earned a reputation of delivering quality.


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The expert’s digital marketing team is always available for you to get help at any instance. The Affligent includes real time customer support, transparent business report, business monitoring, easy and safe payment, and much more facilities for new as well as old beneficiaries. We are the greatest platform to promote affiliated brands or products to enhance your business growth percentage.

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